Rolka Ice cream

The world has gone crazy with rolls, natural ice creams with various extras, see our appliances and learn how to build an ice business based on our machines.

Rolka Poland – we are involved in the construction of machines for making Thai ice cream. The devices are fully manufactured in Poland and have been certified and approved by all necessary institutions! Over 25 years of experience in refrigeration equipment, allows us to build the world’s best equipment.

Machines, accessories, equipment
We supply top quality ICE BAR PREMIUM or ICE BAR BASIC, accessories and equipment. Maybe you are looking for a FOODTRUCK or a catering trailer? We have it.
Training and recipes
Rolled ice is not a secret knowledge. We will give you ways and recipes for the best, most interesting combinations of flavors. With us your ice cream will be a success.
Protection order
Safety is the most important purchases. Our company exports equipment throughout the European Union. Shopping is safe and insured. We also invite you to our company, for the presentation of machines and training.
Devices are guaranteed throughout the European Union. In the event of a failure, our service department will provide you with service and access to spare parts.

How does it works?

Want to try ?

Call or leave your phone number. We will call and tell you not only about our equipment, but also about the whole ice business.

Join our customers and roll ice cream with us

Rolka POLAND sp. z o.o.
ul. Boczna 6
44-240 ZORY

EU TAX Number : PL 651-171-99-71
Phone numbers
+48 694 419 693
+48 796 716 803
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