Do you have any questions?

Check the most frequently asked questions. If you have not found the answer to the issues you are having, please write or call us!

1. Is it worth it?

The answer to the most important and fundamental question is – definitely yes. The global ice cream market is growing all the time. Well prepared place, nice offer and good prices are the basis for success. We will provide reliable equipment and the knowledge you will need to create a profitable point with Thai ice cream will be provided by us.

2. Can you order a food truck or a catering trailer?

Yes, one of our partners is a well-known manufacturer of trailers and food trucks. With our common experience you will be able to buy a complete food truck or a catering trailer. You can also install catering units on used cars.

3. Are you a producer or an importer ?

We are a manufacturer and exporter. Our equipment is manufactured in Poland and has already reached dozens of customers in Poland and several countries in Europe.
With the highest quality of production, we can supply the most demanding customers.

4. Which countries do you send devices to?

So far, we have sent equipment to EU countries. Our machines are available in Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Spain, Portugal, France, Estonia and UK.

5. What about service ?

We carry out foreign service with our foreign partners. At any time you can contact our service department. The necessary spare parts are sent directly to the customer.

6. Do you also have a base for thai ice cream.

Yes. Ice cream – base for Thai ice cream can be prepared from natural ingredients, ready ice cream powder or UHT ice cream. We have such products on sale

7. I like it, but I do not know how to start

This is often the case with our customers. We have succeeded in bringing together a great sale point. What do you need to know? How to choose a place, where to get financing, training with ice cream and recipe selection, equipment and equipment selection. We will help you.

8. How long it takes transportation ?

It depends on the place of delivery. In Europe, the transport takes about 5 to 7 days. Each shipment is monitored and insured.

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